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    We currently stock over 5,000 costumes. That’s right, over 5,000!!! We realize it can be overwhelming to pick out the perfect costume, but our expert staff makes it easy!!! We know what you're thinking; isn't every Costume store the same? NO!!!
  • We RENT costumes - and on average at about 50% less than our competitors!!! Why pay full price for something you'll wear once?
  • Still like buying better? That's okay, almost EVERYTHING in the store is also for sale!
  • Sick of buying packaged costumes? Wish you could see what they REALLY look like? Almost ALL of our costumes are hung on racks!
  • Wish you could try it on? We have 7 dressing rooms so you can be sure to go home with the right fit!
  • Trying to match your significant other? Ask for our couples’ list to get you started. So you know, we've come up with matches for almost EVERY costume.
  • Overwhelmed by the magnitude of choices? View our picture albums! And if you still need help, just ask! Afterall, that's what we're here for!!!
For more information about our costumes, please FILL OUT OUR ONLINE FORM or call us at 940-387-4825 and we’d be happy to help!
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